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All our plans get thrown out the window

First let’s recap what’s been happening…

I left Arizona for my annual summer home in PA on July 3rd.  During that time Jason accepted a job in Boston.  I got to see him when he dropped the dogs off for a few hours and won’t see him again until the end of August.

The grand plan was for me to come back to Phoenix on the 27th of July.  Jason’s family was going to spend part of their vacation here helping to pack things up. My dad was going to fly out to Phoenix on August 20th so that he could drive back east with me.  Everything was going according to plan until the night of August 9th.

At this point I am here in Phoenix by myself, Jason’s parents were in California enjoying their vacation and I was finishing up my summer masters classes.  I had gone to the midwife appointment earlier in the morning and complained about a dull pain on my left side.  The midwife checked things out and thought that maybe it was the start of a bladder infection even though my tests were fine, so I went on an antibiotic and went on my way with instructions to call if it got any worse.  I carried on with my day, dull pain and all until about 8:30 when I was talking to Jason.  The pain got so bad I couldn’t stand anymore and I thought that this pain was very similar to three years ago when I had kidney stones.

I tried to tough it out but within the hour it becomes excruciating and the pain was worse than the last time.  I called the midwife and she told me to come to the ob triage at the hospital.  I had no one here with me and was positive that I could not drive myself with the intensity of the pain not giving me any breaks.  I called Alma (a friend and coworker) she left the baseball game that she was at with her family and came down to the house to take me in.  I was admitted and they began hooking me up with IV’s, monitoring the baby, and doing tests.  It wasn’t long until I was given my first dose of morphine.

Not that it helped…the pain was not dulled very much by the morphine so they combined an IV dose with a shot and then we waited.  During this time I don’t remember much but I am pretty sure that I scared the crap out of Alma, Sonja (another friend & coworker that came to the hospital), & Jason (who was not here but got the occasional update).  Alma & Sonja stayed with me while I waited for some relief and for my ultrasound (I can’t ever thank you both enough for being there for me, you are AWESOME).

During this time I was given more morphine and it didn’t seem to be working at all for the pain.  I had my ultrasound and it showed a mass in my left kidney that is 6mm in size.  They couldn’t definitively say it was a kidney stone but were assuming it was because I have had them in the past and have a family history on my mom’s side.  I was then being given vicodin in hopes that it would stay in my system longer than the morphine.

The next day I went home with my vicodin prescription and called my parents to fill them in.  The next thing I know my Dad is here in AZ, the plans are changing and getting complicated….



While I was home Jason accepted a job offer in Boston.  So this meant the beginning of the craziness.  Jason packed up some items and our friend Adam flew out to Phoenix to drive home with him.  They pulled a small uhaul trailer filled with gear and drove themselves and the dogs across country.  They arrived so late to my parents house that they did not get as much rest time as they would have liked.  They left the dogs with my parents and continued on to Boston a few hours later.

Jason had been living & working in Boston by himself for a few weeks, during that time he was looking for a house to rent.  Luckily he found one that he thinks will work for us.  It is located in Randolph and Jason gets to take the train into work each day.

I will say that it seems Jason did a good job picking out a house for us all by himself.  I haven’t seen it in person yet but hopefully I will be there soon to check it out.

Jason has been living in the house for about a week now with no real furniture but some camping gear while he waits for the moving truck to be loaded here in Phoenix.  The truck is getting loaded on August 22nd and should be there before September 1st (fingers crossed)!

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Catching up…July

I was home in PA for most of July. It was a month full of ups and downs.  I was, for a lack of a better word, grateful that I was able to be there with my family.

We attended the Causgrove’s annual Fourth of July, Sheila went all out with her decorations and my Mom got Sheila her favorite…cake!


I was lucky enough to have a baby shower, given to me by my Mom, sister Hannah, and Aunt Carol and not to forget all the help from Sheila! It was great to spend time with family and friends to celebrate our upcoming new arrival.

Here are a few pictures from the baby shower.

My Mom, Dad, Wedge and I were also able to make it down to see my Grandparents & Coco!  Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom joined us for part of the visit and we took Nannie out to get her nails done.

My Mom, Nannie & Carol almost getting run over.

I will try to post more to update you on what has been happening since.

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Half way and a pool day

We are at the half way point 20 weeks down…20 or so to go!  I have been busy with class work for my masters but this weekend I got a nice break.  Virginia is back in the states from Germany with her kids.  We stayed with the Durr family while we were in Germany, and had an awesome time with them.  They showed us the sights and treated us like family, we couldn’t have asked for a better Germany experience!

Anyway…we went to the “waterpark”, as Jonathan calls it,  for the day with Virginia, Kristin, Kristi and 5 kiddos.

Virginia, Kristin & Kristi

It was so HOT that day

Me, Lobster Lady, Kristi

Later Friday night Jason and I went to Jason’s friend Ryan W.’s house for outdoor movie night.  The year was 1986, so we watched Top Gun & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, ate burgers (mad cow disease was discovered in ’86), Gushers, Pop Secret microwave popcorn and Coke (the original recipe was brought back in ’86).  It was so hot outside so I am glad  I had a spray bottle and lots of beverages.

On Sunday I went with Tracey to get our nails done and then back home for some pool time with Jason and the pups.

Wedge wasn't too happy about swimming

But, he is such a good swimmer!

Dash, no so much

He just hopped right up to the pile of dry towels...

Damn dog

Dash lasted 3 seconds in the pool

This week I am wrapping up my two classes, have a midwife appointment on Thursday and fly home to Pennsylvania on Saturday night.   This means leaving Jason in Arizona, hopefully he will keep the dogs and himself alive while I am gone!

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19 weeks and an ultrasound


Jason and I headed into the doctor Wednesday morning for the ultra sound.  We were of course late due to traffic and an accident (not one we were involved in).  They took a million pictures and measurements.  I have no idea how they find anything on that screen!

They asked if I could feel anything because the baby was kicking and punching…lucky me I didn’t feel a thing! Jason said he couldn’t believe I didn’t feel anything because he watched the baby wind up and throw a punch.

Finally, the doctor had read the scans, he came in with a little list of more things he wanted to look at.  Then he proceeded to do even more checking around.  I was worried for a minute but he was happy with what he saw and said “everything looks good”…. which is all you really want to hear.  An hour later we were on our way.

Here are a few pictures of Bean…

Bean's face...if it wasn't for their label I would have no idea what that is!


Hand by face


Old MacDonald

A few days ago we got a package in the mail.  The first thought that enters my mind is “what did he buy now?!?”…but to my surprise it was a gift from Aunt Beth and Uncle Phil!

Thanks Aunt Beth & Uncle Phil!


This super cute hand puppet book is the first baby item…which Jason refers to as Bean. So Bean has his or her first book!

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It’s A…

Surprise! We are expecting our new addition on November 9, 2011. Jason thought that a blog might be a nice way to keep our family and friends updated during this journey. We are so far away from everyone but we still want you all to be a part of this exciting adventure. Although, I am not very confident in my ability to write, update and maintain this blog with all my classes…we shall see how it goes.