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on September 14, 2011

Today I made my sixth trip to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles…and I’m not done yet.  Jason has left me to take care of all the car business, including insurance and every time I think I have all the paperwork correct and ready to go they find something wrong.  It wouldn’t be so bad but these people are not nice at all, its as if they HATE their job.

So far here’s the trip count…

Shannon’s License- 2 trips: they didn’t like my proof of address

Shannon’s Car- 2 trips: AZ registration had both of our names on it and insurance form from insurance lady only had mine name on it

Jason’s License- 1 trip (we both went, I was hoping to register the cars, but you need to write a check unlike everything else where you can pay with a card)

Jason’s Car- 1 trip…so far: they didn’t like the address for where the title was to be sent

So hopefully sometime this week I’ll make it back to the RMV to get Jason’s plates and then get both cars inspected…only time will tell.

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