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1st Trip Downtown

on September 16, 2011

I went downtown all by myself today using the rail system.  I don’t have the greatest record with subways with my only experience being Europe.  Today went well, I met Jason for lunch and then went to my new doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

I had an ultra sound first and everything looks good.  Then I had my appointment.  I really like my doctor, she said I can pretty much have what I want during my labor…which, as of right now, is as natural as possible with no IV, meds, or other interventions (unless necessary).  She said “it’s like Burger King and I can have it my way”, she is even going to see if the midwife practice will cover my delivery so I can keep to the plan.

She also said I can travel to my cousin Grant’s wedding in Maryland next weekend as long as we stop every 2 hrs so I can get out to walk around.  So we will be heading to Maryland as long as we can figure out the dog situation.

32 weeks down 8 to go…

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  1. Beard says:

    If you can get your dogs with crates to VT before the weekend they can stay here.

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