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All our plans get thrown out the window

on August 21, 2011

First let’s recap what’s been happening…

I left Arizona for my annual summer home in PA on July 3rd.  During that time Jason accepted a job in Boston.  I got to see him when he dropped the dogs off for a few hours and won’t see him again until the end of August.

The grand plan was for me to come back to Phoenix on the 27th of July.  Jason’s family was going to spend part of their vacation here helping to pack things up. My dad was going to fly out to Phoenix on August 20th so that he could drive back east with me.  Everything was going according to plan until the night of August 9th.

At this point I am here in Phoenix by myself, Jason’s parents were in California enjoying their vacation and I was finishing up my summer masters classes.  I had gone to the midwife appointment earlier in the morning and complained about a dull pain on my left side.  The midwife checked things out and thought that maybe it was the start of a bladder infection even though my tests were fine, so I went on an antibiotic and went on my way with instructions to call if it got any worse.  I carried on with my day, dull pain and all until about 8:30 when I was talking to Jason.  The pain got so bad I couldn’t stand anymore and I thought that this pain was very similar to three years ago when I had kidney stones.

I tried to tough it out but within the hour it becomes excruciating and the pain was worse than the last time.  I called the midwife and she told me to come to the ob triage at the hospital.  I had no one here with me and was positive that I could not drive myself with the intensity of the pain not giving me any breaks.  I called Alma (a friend and coworker) she left the baseball game that she was at with her family and came down to the house to take me in.  I was admitted and they began hooking me up with IV’s, monitoring the baby, and doing tests.  It wasn’t long until I was given my first dose of morphine.

Not that it helped…the pain was not dulled very much by the morphine so they combined an IV dose with a shot and then we waited.  During this time I don’t remember much but I am pretty sure that I scared the crap out of Alma, Sonja (another friend & coworker that came to the hospital), & Jason (who was not here but got the occasional update).  Alma & Sonja stayed with me while I waited for some relief and for my ultrasound (I can’t ever thank you both enough for being there for me, you are AWESOME).

During this time I was given more morphine and it didn’t seem to be working at all for the pain.  I had my ultrasound and it showed a mass in my left kidney that is 6mm in size.  They couldn’t definitively say it was a kidney stone but were assuming it was because I have had them in the past and have a family history on my mom’s side.  I was then being given vicodin in hopes that it would stay in my system longer than the morphine.

The next day I went home with my vicodin prescription and called my parents to fill them in.  The next thing I know my Dad is here in AZ, the plans are changing and getting complicated….

4 Responses to “All our plans get thrown out the window”

  1. Holly says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Shannon, I am sooo sorry!! I read this out loud to Nate just now & we were both in shock all this has gone down. How are you feeling now?! Thinking of you guys…

  2. Virginia says:

    Wow Shannon! This happened on August 9th? How long did you have to work at school until they hired someone else? How are you feeling now? Take care of yourself!

    • shannon says:

      Virginia, I only had to work 3 days during returning teacher week before they found someone…well that’s what my paycheck said anyway. I’m feeling good now, no other issues this whole time until the kidney stone and we’re hoping nothing else comes up!

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