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on August 20, 2011

While I was home Jason accepted a job offer in Boston.  So this meant the beginning of the craziness.  Jason packed up some items and our friend Adam flew out to Phoenix to drive home with him.  They pulled a small uhaul trailer filled with gear and drove themselves and the dogs across country.  They arrived so late to my parents house that they did not get as much rest time as they would have liked.  They left the dogs with my parents and continued on to Boston a few hours later.

Jason had been living & working in Boston by himself for a few weeks, during that time he was looking for a house to rent.  Luckily he found one that he thinks will work for us.  It is located in Randolph and Jason gets to take the train into work each day.

I will say that it seems Jason did a good job picking out a house for us all by himself.  I haven’t seen it in person yet but hopefully I will be there soon to check it out.

Jason has been living in the house for about a week now with no real furniture but some camping gear while he waits for the moving truck to be loaded here in Phoenix.  The truck is getting loaded on August 22nd and should be there before September 1st (fingers crossed)!

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  1. tim holland says:

    Nice blog. Glad to see things working out. I thought the change over from AZ to MA was going to be difficult but that little accident(VW dealer) may have given you a way out of the car hazzles, Hope you have a back-up plan for your delivery trip to the hospital.

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