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Half way and a pool day

on June 27, 2011

We are at the half way point 20 weeks down…20 or so to go!  I have been busy with class work for my masters but this weekend I got a nice break.  Virginia is back in the states from Germany with her kids.  We stayed with the Durr family while we were in Germany, and had an awesome time with them.  They showed us the sights and treated us like family, we couldn’t have asked for a better Germany experience!

Anyway…we went to the “waterpark”, as Jonathan calls it,  for the day with Virginia, Kristin, Kristi and 5 kiddos.

Virginia, Kristin & Kristi

It was so HOT that day

Me, Lobster Lady, Kristi

Later Friday night Jason and I went to Jason’s friend Ryan W.’s house for outdoor movie night.  The year was 1986, so we watched Top Gun & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, ate burgers (mad cow disease was discovered in ’86), Gushers, Pop Secret microwave popcorn and Coke (the original recipe was brought back in ’86).  It was so hot outside so I am glad  I had a spray bottle and lots of beverages.

On Sunday I went with Tracey to get our nails done and then back home for some pool time with Jason and the pups.

Wedge wasn't too happy about swimming

But, he is such a good swimmer!

Dash, no so much

He just hopped right up to the pile of dry towels...

Damn dog

Dash lasted 3 seconds in the pool

This week I am wrapping up my two classes, have a midwife appointment on Thursday and fly home to Pennsylvania on Saturday night.   This means leaving Jason in Arizona, hopefully he will keep the dogs and himself alive while I am gone!

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  1. Virginia says:

    Shannon and Family,

    I just finally had a chance to check out this blog posting…very cool! I’m so glad that we got together for our pool day! Plus, I am happy that you and Jason had a good time in Germany. You are more than welcome to come back again!

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