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It’s A…

on June 10, 2011

Surprise! We are expecting our new addition on November 9, 2011. Jason thought that a blog might be a nice way to keep our family and friends updated during this journey. We are so far away from everyone but we still want you all to be a part of this exciting adventure. Although, I am not very confident in my ability to write, update and maintain this blog with all my classes…we shall see how it goes.

2 Responses to “It’s A…”

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    Shannon and Jason,
    I love the idea of a blog. Yes, those of us who are far away want to know what is going on and we are eager to share in your excitement. Plus, this will be a wonderful gift for your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t worry about “keeping up”. I am sure you will be a faithful blogger.

    Glad that you like the book.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Aunt Beth

  2. Kay holland says:

    Shannon and Jason,

    What a nice job on this blog- how fun to see sonograms of your new baby- I’m glad everything went well – we can”t wait to meet this new little person- how nice to receive a baby gift and how appropriate to get a book from our favorite English/Literature teacher:) Take care we miss you guys and love you Love Mom and Dad

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