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19 weeks and an ultrasound

on June 16, 2011


Jason and I headed into the doctor Wednesday morning for the ultra sound.  We were of course late due to traffic and an accident (not one we were involved in).  They took a million pictures and measurements.  I have no idea how they find anything on that screen!

They asked if I could feel anything because the baby was kicking and punching…lucky me I didn’t feel a thing! Jason said he couldn’t believe I didn’t feel anything because he watched the baby wind up and throw a punch.

Finally, the doctor had read the scans, he came in with a little list of more things he wanted to look at.  Then he proceeded to do even more checking around.  I was worried for a minute but he was happy with what he saw and said “everything looks good”…. which is all you really want to hear.  An hour later we were on our way.

Here are a few pictures of Bean…

Bean's face...if it wasn't for their label I would have no idea what that is!


Hand by face

3 Responses to “19 weeks and an ultrasound”

  1. lucy says:

    i agree with my mom, the blog is a great idea!!!! thanks jason! i’m not much for commenting, but i will be poking around to see what’s new…..

    not that its the most important thing, but nice to see that “the bean” already has those holland good looks! do you remember that at this stage, maya was “the peanut”?

    congrats again to both of you!

    love, lucy

  2. Holly says:

    Shannon, this is so amazing! Oh my, I loved looking at these pictures! Thanks for posting (and for starting a blog)! 🙂 I’m looking forward to keeping up with you guys through this.

  3. Adam says:

    What a cute baby you’ve got there! Can’t wait to tell them stories about their dad 😀

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