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Oliver & the watch dog


Oliver and the watch dog.

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Oliver Earl Mong decided it was time to come into this world during a snow storm.

He was born on Sunday October 30th at 2:12 pm, 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches.




Ready or not

The final preparations are taking place (as prepared as we’ll ever be).

Car seat is in

Gear is in place (minus the crib)

Bags are packed

And life continues until bean arrives

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Jason had gotten discounted tickets to the aquarium so we made the trip, he snapped a ton of photos with his new camera.

Here are a few…


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Happy Birthday

Jason celebrated his 29th birthday on October 12th, a day he shares with my Dad.  His gift was a new camera which was from his family and mine.  He has been snapping away since its arrival.


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Why would today’s car dealings be any different. I went to the RMV again today and I was able to register Jason’s car. I went right away to get his car inspected and it passed, went home to get my car…it doesn’t pass inspection all due to the tint on my windows. So I was told not to drive around until I get the tint off and bring the car back for re-inspection. I decide to head back home to switch cars to run my errands one of which is getting a front license plate installed on Jason’s car (MA has 2 plates).

I go to the VW dealer to get it done and when they come to get me, they inform me that they hit Jason’s car while pulling it into the garage. They were so apologetic (as they should have been), and are going to fix it Monday & Tuesday, give me a loaner car and they didn’t charge me for the front plate.

I was also talking with them about the window tint and on my way out asked if they did inspections, they said they do so I went home and got my car and brought it back. As soon as I pull in someone is at my car, they take it in and it comes out with a passed inspection (tint is still the same from the 1st inspection) and they didn’t charge me for that either. The guys at the VW place kept saying I was being so cool about the car situation, it doesn’t really bother me that they hit it as long as they are fixing it and making it easy for me.

At this point both cars are registered for MA and we are licensed and ready to go.


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1st Trip Downtown

I went downtown all by myself today using the rail system.  I don’t have the greatest record with subways with my only experience being Europe.  Today went well, I met Jason for lunch and then went to my new doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

I had an ultra sound first and everything looks good.  Then I had my appointment.  I really like my doctor, she said I can pretty much have what I want during my labor…which, as of right now, is as natural as possible with no IV, meds, or other interventions (unless necessary).  She said “it’s like Burger King and I can have it my way”, she is even going to see if the midwife practice will cover my delivery so I can keep to the plan.

She also said I can travel to my cousin Grant’s wedding in Maryland next weekend as long as we stop every 2 hrs so I can get out to walk around.  So we will be heading to Maryland as long as we can figure out the dog situation.

32 weeks down 8 to go…

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Today I made my sixth trip to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles…and I’m not done yet.  Jason has left me to take care of all the car business, including insurance and every time I think I have all the paperwork correct and ready to go they find something wrong.  It wouldn’t be so bad but these people are not nice at all, its as if they HATE their job.

So far here’s the trip count…

Shannon’s License- 2 trips: they didn’t like my proof of address

Shannon’s Car- 2 trips: AZ registration had both of our names on it and insurance form from insurance lady only had mine name on it

Jason’s License- 1 trip (we both went, I was hoping to register the cars, but you need to write a check unlike everything else where you can pay with a card)

Jason’s Car- 1 trip…so far: they didn’t like the address for where the title was to be sent

So hopefully sometime this week I’ll make it back to the RMV to get Jason’s plates and then get both cars inspected…only time will tell.

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Well, we are here and we survived the hurricane, loss of power, and lack of furniture.

Jason watching the hurricane

All I can say is this house feels like an episode of Hoarders.  And it’s not just me who has noticed this hoarding situation…our friends Holly & Nate brought it up when we were video chatting last night.

Boxes are not unpacked and I can not find things that I need/want.  I am a organized person and this hoarding situation is driving me crazy.  I wish I could get more done during the day but I can’t lift or move much of what’s left.

I should have taken pictures but I was in too much of a rush to get it cleaned up, Jason helped me get more organized and unpacked when he got home from work today.  We still have some more to go but I feel much better now.

Here are some after pictures (don’t judge, it’s not done yet)…



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It’s Complicated

So my dad is here in Phoenix…10 days earlier than he planned.  If you don’t know my dad he is a homebody and would always rather sleep in his own bed and be home to do his own thing.  I am grateful that he was able and willing to come here and be ‘out of his element’ for much longer than was planned.  My mom is back at home watching our dogs and getting my sister ready and moved in at Pitt.

The real mess with all of this is my insurance.  They will only cover 50% of the costs if I am out of state and they will cover an ER visit but only if it’s life threatening which to them means a heart attack or broken leg (not my example but the insurance lady).  She said delivering a baby would not count and that kidney stones might count as life threatening?!? That means that I need to stay here until I start on Jason’s insurance; incase I would have any more issues.

Well the same day my dad arrived I saw the urologist.  He said I could have more issues with them or none at all and their is not a whole lot they can do for me since I’m pregnant. But either way he scheduled me for another ultrasound to get a better look at what is going on.  I was also able to capture some fragments so those are being analyzed to see if we can get any more information about what kind of stones I have.  They would prefer to do a CT but that’s not really an option for a pregnant person, apparently ultrasounds do not give them the best picture and the size measurements can be off.  He is hoping that the hospital scan is off on the 6mm size because he said that’s on the big side for being able to pass on your own.

Back to the complicated plans…now I am no longer driving with my dad, in fear I go downhill.  My brother Zack is flying out on Saturday the 20th.  On Monday he and my Dad will start the drive back east, the moving truck will get loaded and my Mom will fly out to stay with me in AZ at a hotel.  During the week I have some doctor appointments to get results from the testing.  Then on Friday the 26th my mom and I will fly to Boston.

So here we are waiting for something to happen but hoping that nothing does!

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